Positive Parenting: Why it Matters Now More than Ever?

Positive Parenting: Why it Matters Now More than Ever?

2020 is gone, and most people will thank heaven for that. Perhaps you did too.

But wait for a moment before you bid farewell to everything associated with this gruesome year! Even though it could have been difficult to notice, the year has taught us something about ourselves that we never knew before. For most parents, this “something” could have been their relationship with their children. As both you and your kid were packed in a home with very little to do, you might have had some ugly conversations and fights. If that sounds like you, you must learn about Positive Parenting right now.

As 2021 is here, perhaps it is the right time to reflect on the relationship that you have with your child and make efforts to improve it. One of the best ways to do that is to change your parenting style and adopt what experts call Positive Parenting.

What is Positive Parenting?

Positive parenting is simply a style of parenting wherein you do not punish or bribe your child to get them to behave in a certain way. Instead, you use positive feedback and conversations to connect with them on a deeper level and foster a loving relationship. It involves gentle and loving guidance, open and honest conversations, empathy, appreciation, and mutual understanding.

Positive parenting is all about developing trust and respect in your relationship with your child. Treating your kid respectfully incites positive behaviour from them. It induces in them self-esteem, resilience, respect, and maturity – qualities needed in these trying times more than ever before.

Benefits of Positive Parenting

Having learned what Positive Parenting means, you probably want to know what it can do both for you and your child.

Here are some critical effects a positive parenting style can have on your lives as you further navigate this complex pandemic.

1. Better Relationship With your Kid

Positive parenting techniques focus on behavioural development to improve the level of trust you have with your child. Focus is on having meaningful and optimistic conversations with them just so they can easily open up to you in times of need. The key here is to induce reliability, not fear.

Through such loving interactions, your child begins to trust you more and feels comfortable to share his life with you. Moreover, it gives them the confidence to approach you no matter how bad their problem is. This way, the relationship becomes more transparent, loving, and content. As you become more aware of their lives, you can intervene at the right time to save them from trouble too.

2. Self-Esteem and Higher Confidence in Your Child

If the formative years of your child’s life are marked with negativity, yelling, and punishment, they will grow up to have lesser self-confidence and may develop a dire emotional state. Thankfully, positive parenting steers you away from all that.

Positive parenting stresses communication and encouragement instead of negative punishment. Multiple psychological types of research have attested that such communication helps your child develop into a confident individual ready to navigate the challenges life throws at them. Moreover, if you don’t yell at your child or punish them, you will also be less stressed. Therefore, this technique is a win-win when it comes to a peaceful and prosperous life for both you and your child.

3. Reduction of Negative Behavior from your Child

Very often, children behave adamantly in response to their parents’ demands. They rebel and oppose what is taught to them because they fail to understand their parents’ perspectives. Owing to their age, while you shouldn’t expect your child to understand everything from your point of view, positive parenting certainly helps in that direction.

Since positive parenting typically focuses on increased parent-child communication and constructive feedback, it becomes easier for both parents and children to understand each other. In such situations, your child makes efforts to understand you on their part too, which in turn leads to enhanced obedience and respect for your authority. Moreover, you won’t feel the need to scold them as you understand them better.

All of this combines surely takes away the negativity from your child and reduces the frequency of inadequate behaviour, entitlement, or stubbornness in them.

Why Now?

Before last year, your kid spent a significant portion of their day at school, or they were engaged in studies and extra-curricular. And in their free time, they were also busy meeting friends and heading out. Similarly, you had your work and social obligations to fulfil. But what happens when all these obligations become extremely limited, and you have to be with your loved one all day long?

According to a survey conducted by Shawna Lee, associate professor of social work at Michigan State University, 4 out of 10 parents have reported that they have yelled more at their child in the past year than ever before.

Even though you don’t want them to, the tensions and pressures of your social and work life can often take an ugly form and wreak havoc on your children. You might feel frustrated and angry at them more than usual. But such aggressive or punishing behaviour can make your child irritable and cause lifelong mental issues for them.

So even as the times seem unbearable, you must make extra efforts to make your child feel nurtured, comfortable, and empowered. And what better way to do that than positive parenting?

Learn Positive Parenting Techniques As Soon As You Can!

The bond between yourself and your kids was probably the strongest when they were little babies. However, as children grow, the parent-child relationship needs attention and work – often more from the parent’s side. To nurture a stronger relationship with your kid, you need to make efforts – something that positive parenting teaches you best.

There are numerous ways you can learn about the basics of positive parenting and incorporate it into your life. Several books, podcasts, and courses on positive parenting are available online and offline.

If you want to instil trust and respect in your child and make your family life comfortable and happy for yourself, too, nothing should stop you from opting for one of these. So what are you waiting for?

Take the first step today from your end, and you will definitely see the incredible impact of your positive parenting style on your precious child.


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