• Discover your destiny with numerological analysis Get the best numerology with an expert numerologist in India - Sweta Sureka.

  • Unleash your true potential. Get the best numerology with an expert numerologist in India - Sweta Sureka.


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Career analysis

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Signature analysis

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Who she works with

She brings a unique blend of coaching & training. from the strong credentials, her biggest USP is that when she coaches, she brings together her experience, learning, success & failures.
Positive Habits Buillding
Women Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Executives & Business Owners who want to live a healthy life and build positive habits.
Team Motivation
Organizations and executives who are looking for a topnotch lifestyle for themselves and their teams.
Life support
Aspiring individuals looking for a better life.

About Me

Sweta Sureka is an Numerologist and Life coach by profession. She is also a certified NLP practitioner ,Reiki healer & a Writer.

She also offers consultancy in numerology and numerological compatibility for individual, business and corporate clients.

She is an expert in analyzing the patterns of numbers and their effects on personality, day to day life and future.

She also specializes in different forms of healing like Reiki .In her leisure, you can find her penning down something or hosting a public session as well.

She is a very positive and empathetic individual who will make you see the bright side of life. So, get your life analyzed with Sweta Sureka
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Why Sweta Sureka



Jacob Carroll
Lifes Transformed

Sweta Sureka

Numerologists | Life Coach | Reiki Healer | NLP Trainer
Years of Experience
Accurate Reading

How numerology can help you

When you are at a crossroads in your life, numerology can help guide you in the right spiritual direction.

Numerology is the study of the mystical relationships between numbers, letters, and patterns. Like most divination teachings, numerology is used to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, others, and our relationship to the world at large.

It can also reveal our true desires and show how we can achieve them. It's an excellent tool to better understand karma and what we carry from one relationship to the next.

Excited to learn about your lucky number then it's high time to book my Services and get in touch with me and show you the true power of magic and let you witness how numbers can change your life.

Life coach
Reiki Healer


Kareena Bhaskar

Social media strategist
I highly recommend Sweta if you are looking for a great numerologist.

Lauren Kay

Most of what you said is very accurate. Thank you for reading my birth chart.

Kaiti Muir

Thank you for such an accurate reading of my birth chart.


Thank you so much for the new name spelling. In 2 months my confidence level has increased.

Kuldeep Maloo

Really it’s been amazing.The analysis chart you prepared is so detailed.Pls keep it up.

Mellisa Snow

I recently had a chart reading with Sweta Sureka and it was SO accurate and really validated the path I ‘m on!

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