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Sweta Sureka
Life Coach
Numerologist | Life coach | NLP Trainer | Reiki Healer
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Who is Sweta Sureka

Sweta Sureka is an Numerologist and Life coach by profession. She is also a certified NLP practitioner ,Reiki healer & a Writer.

She also offers consultancy in numerology and numerological compatibility for individual, business and corporate clients.

She is an expert in analyzing the patterns of numbers and their effects on personality, day to day life and future.

She also specializes in different forms of healing like Reiki .In her leisure, you can find her penning down something or hosting a public session as well.

She is a very positive and empathetic individual who will make you see the bright side of life. So, get your life analyzed with Sweta Sureka

Identify and maximize your potential with our accurate and insightful numerology

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