Numerology Number 2 Characteristics and General Qualities

Let’s discuss the traits of Number 2

Numerology Number 2 is second to none in strength. Everyone faces challenges and no Number or Rashi is exempt from ups and downs. But while others get frustrated, those born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th are blessed with the power to rise in life despite challenges. These are Number 2 people and they know that trees that bend can withstand any storm.

Number 2 represents the moon that achieves different stages including the full moon and the new moon (dark) at different times. Due to the process of waxing and waning, the moon keeps changing its appearance constantly. It is bright when full and becomes dark in the next fortnight. People with Numerology Number 2 moon also exhibit similar traits. They are good when they get the power of a full moon but they are equally bad when there is a new moon.

Facts About Numerology Number 2

  1. Being the watery planet moon, Numerology Number 2 moon people are naturally emotional, affectionate, caring, sensitive, and loving. By default, they are always ahead in helping, caring, and guiding others. Simply put, Number 2 people are the most feminine among all numbers.

  1. Numerology Number 2 is the smallest even number and represents things coming your way in pairs or doubles. In China, Number 2 is considered more auspicious because Chinese people believe that good things always come in pairs.

Numerology Number 2 Personality Traits

1. Personal Relations

Your relations are always good because you know how diplomacy works. You know how to approach others, make friends, and maintain good relations. You are a go-to person in any group because you can simplify differences between people and bring peace and normalcy in tense relations. Your family, friends, and associates rely on you to strengthen personal bonds. Due to these qualities, you are welcome in all groups. Even you are invited to join groups because your presence ensures peace in groups. Your nature is patient and you have a calm and soothing personality. But it is where the problems start. Since Numerology Number 2 moon people are of helping nature, you don’t say NO to others and this leads to adding more responsibilities on your shoulders.

  1. Great Understanding

Numerology Number 2 people are naturally calm and friendly and these qualities make you a good listener. Whenever you have a visitor who comes to you in a stressful state, you lend your ear to them to listen to their woes. It is for this reason that you get immense time to understand situations. Also, you get complete knowledge and information about a given condition or person. People come to you to narrate their stories because they believe in your ability of understanding and disarm situations. You are empathetic, considerate, and helpful. Or it will be better to say that your calm nature and habit of listening to others help you find the right solutions to problems. Also, people will accept your suggestions because they know that you are a good listener and you give suggestions only after listening to everyone.

  1. Committed

It is perhaps your biggest quality of Numerology Number 1 personality. You are committed to relationships in all spheres of life including love, friendship, and profession. Once you are loyal to someone, you will remain loyal to that person or organization forever. But you take time in opening up to others. Or it will be better to say that you allow your relationship sufficient time to grow and become mature. The longest time you take in committing yourself to an organization becomes a strong foundation for a long-lasting relationship. You develop a natural commitment to someone instead of falling in and out quickly. You won’t make any commitment to anyone until you fully understand the person.

Numerology Number 2 people have excellent analytical skills. Also, they are good listeners and have amazing communication skills. Capable of providing the right solutions in any situation, they are welcome in all groups. But not all are very self-confident. They remain suspicious about others and keep looking for fault lines. They have compatibility issues, especially with their spouses. Number 2 people indeed possess great qualities but like the moon they also have eclipses.

Things They Should Improve On

  1. Double Minded

While indecisiveness will be the right word, double-minded represents the state of mind of Numerology Number 2 people better. As a good listener, you listen to everyone and it is what keeps you in the middle of the storm. Standing in the middle, you need to make decisions without doing any favor to anyone and it is very difficult for a human with emotions. You will face many situations where you will want to favor one over the other.  Here you need confidence. You should be more confident in your actions and stand behind every word you say or everything you do. Others will expect more but you should make an opinion on facts and your findings.

  1. Overburdened

When you are committed to a person or organization, you don’t give a second thought to accepting responsibilities leading to an overburden that is reflected in your behavior. Also, you become so involved in doing things that even the slightest irk or insulting behavior could disturb your mental balance. Since Numerology Number 2 people are already overburdened with responsibility, the cold shoulder attitude of some people could be hurting. Here the best thing to do is to take on the responsibilities that you can fulfill. It is better to develop the habit of saying NO to others so you can do justice to the responsibilities you are already involved with.

  1. Frustrated

You are frustrated because others don’t understand your emotions. You feel frustrated when people you are committed to give a cold shoulder to you. People expect good advice from you but they don’t need to follow the advice.  If they don’t follow your advice, you shouldn’t feel mean or insulted. Also, your sincere efforts in finding solutions could turn your view from looking for solutions to finding fault lines, if you are unable to find solutions. Your frustration could spoil your relations. You should be empathetic to others to improve your Numerology Number 1 personality and know that others could have a difference in opinion from you.

Physical Features And Health

Since Numerology Number 2 people are ruled by the moon, they have feminine qualities and their feminine qualities are visible from their physical features. They will be tall but most Number 2 people are of normal height and stocky. But they might not be physically strong and for this reason, they often fall sick. They are naturally emotional and their immunity is weak.

Numerology Number 2 moon people are prone to developing digestive problems and poor blood circulation that could lead to insomnia. Also, they exhibit nervousness due to stress and sleeplessness. They can also develop asthmatic problems and insomnia. But the biggest problem is with their emotions. Since they are naturally emotional, they can easily get into emotional conflicts.

You should use a silver glass for drinking water. It will help fight emotional issues. Regular massage is necessary for your bones and muscles. Also, you should start taking black pepper mixed with honey every morning. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are good for your digestive system. January, February, and July are the months when Numerology Number 2 people need to be more careful about your health.

Career Options For Numerology Number 2

The ruler moon makes you emotional and you can best use your emotions in fields like print media and advertising. Also, you can become a great anchor due to your exceptional communication skills. Since Numerology Number 1 personality has a good understanding of situations and can find a solution to any situation, you could become a diplomat. You can be a social worker or a good teacher. If you add a little creativity to your knowledge, you can make a great career in the field of law and politics.

Numerology Number 2 people have immense opportunities available. Since they are versatile, they can make a great career in any field. But you need to overcome your weakness, especially the constant desire to change. You love growing like the moon but it could make you lethargic. You won’t feel satisfied in doing one type of job again and again.

Most Numerology Number 2 moon people feel satisfied only when they work between people or freelance jobs. You should also think of some creative work that keeps you entertained and engaged for a long time. If you can overcome your negative traits, you can make a great career in your chosen field.

Numerology Number 2 Love Life

Number 2 people make very loving parents and caring spouses. They can read minds and understand what their partners want from them. But it could be painful sometimes when “what is read” isn’t appreciated by the reader. They love socializing and enjoy social gatherings and parties to the full but, at the same time, they keep thinking about their homes. The best thing about Number 2 people is that they will never leave their partners alone, especially in a crisis. They will always rally around their partners in distressed times. Numerology number 2 marriage compatibility is higher with numbers 1, 3, 6, 8, and 9.

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