Numerology Number 1 Characteristics and General Qualities by Sweta Sureka 

How Does Sun Number 1 Impact Your Life?

Numerology is the science of numbers. It is an attempt to simplify the understanding of the life path of a person from their number like the Numerology Number 1. And there aren’t numerous numbers in numerology. The secret of your life is locked in any of the nine digits. The numerology clock has only nine digits with each digit having different traits and a different life path.

Let’s start studying Numerology with the first digit that is No. 1

Numerology Number 1 is ruled by the planet Sun and the Sun is the only power that exists in the universe. It is the creative force, it gives us light, it is the center of our solar system and every planet revolves around this great force. When the Sun is in its element, you can hardly see any other star or planet. Similar things can be said about the people born on 1, 10,19,28.  They have the blessings of the Sun and like their ruler, they also lead from the front.

Facts About Numerology Number 1

  1. Numerology Number 1 Sun is a creator as it gives birth to all other digits. There’s no digit that isn’t influenced by this number. Being born with Number 1 makes you proud as you are important to everyone.

     2. It is the only number that can be called neutral although most of its characteristics are masculine.

         Being neutral is a unique identity of this number.

Numerology Number 1 Personality Traits

  1. Independence

People born with Numerology Number 1 Sun value their freedom and for this reason, they prefer independence. And this trait is visible in their life. They develop leadership qualities because one can become independent only when they are independent. Also, these people are highly competitive. They don’t fear competition but they start the competition. If you are born with Number 1, you will have exceptional competitive skills. Determination is another quality these people exhibit. Once they make up their mind, they stop at nothing and they accept nothing short of success. It is due to these qualities they always remain ahead in the race.

  1. Innovative

People with Numerology Number 1 can accomplish whatever task they take into their hands. Like leaders, they are always ready to accept challenges. Life will be boring to them without challenges. They never leave a task incomplete. Or it will be better to say that they never rest until they accomplish the given tasks. Also, they love doing things in new ways. Since they are always brimming with ideas, they know how to accomplish tasks. Or you can say that they find ideas to complete tasks. They are determined and confident that they can achieve anything they set their eyes on.

  1. Charismatic

People with Numerology Number 1 Sun have charisma in their eyes, voice, words, thoughts, and actions. When they raise their hands, people look at the sky believing that there will be someone in the sky listening to their voice. When they give a speech, people listen to them carefully. It seems like they don’t want to miss even a single word a Number 1 orator says. And it is no less than charisma that no one dares to speak in a loud voice before the Number 1 people. They command large fan followings due to their personality that has the element of the Sun.

People born with Numerology Number 1 Sun have leadership qualities. People Born on 1, 10,19,28 are determined and they can accomplish any task given to them. They have charisma but they also have some negative traits. They have the power of the Sun but power tends to corrupt. So, Number 1 people also need to focus on the downside of their personality and try to improve as much as possible.

Things they should improve on

  1. Overly Enthusiastic

You are Numerology Number 1 and you try to achieve unreasonable standards because you always want to remain at the forefront. You try to do things that others can’t. But here you forget one thing that is success and failure are the two sides of a coin called effort. You only put in your best efforts but the result is never in your hands. If you fail to achieve something, you could be harshly critical of yourself because you hate to be overlooked by others. You should adopt a realistic attitude towards life as success and failure are the two sides of a coin.

  1. Stubborn

Bering Numerology Number 1 Sun makes you feel proud but it doesn’t mean that you should turn a blind eye to what others are saying or give a cold-shoulder attitude to others’ advice. They could also be right but your indifferent attitude toward others could make you unpopular among your family members, friends, colleagues, and associates. You have leadership qualities but excessive pride in your skills could make you stubborn. This attitude will deprive you of knowledge and information you can get from others. If someone wants to say something, you should lend your ear to that person and listen to them carefully before making an opinion on their advice.

  1. Non-Cooperative

Excessive pride in your skills and over-confidence in your power to accomplish tasks could make you non-cooperative to others. Since Numerology Number 1 Sun people can complete a task without any help, you will start overlooking others including your close family members and friends. You have leadership qualities and you could be a born leader but cooperating with others won’t make you their subordinate. If you cooperate with a friend, it won’t make you servile to the friend. On the contrary, it will add value to your qualities. Like a leader, you should come forward to help anyone who looks forward to you for cooperation.

Physical Features and Health

People born with Numerology Number 1 Sun have the power to attract others due to the element of the Sun. But their build is average with well-proportioned limbs. You will be of average height and weight if your birth number is one.

Eyesight is an area of concern with Numerology Number 1 people and for this reason, most of them are seen wearing spectacles at an early age. Since the Sun represents the heart and spinal cord in the human body, you need to be careful about ailments related to the heart and spine, especially during old age. You could also suffer from liver problems like jaundice. Hypertension, cardio problems, spondylitis, and gastro issues are common ailments of Number 1 people.

The best thing you can do is to plan your diet, you are a moderate eater though. Take light food and avoid overeating as it could lead to complications with your digestion. Also, reduce the number of spices and oil in your food. Healthy eating can help prevent issues like hypertension and jaundice.

Exercising is also necessary for you as Numerology Number 1 people are prone to develop spine-related issues. Keep moving or the ruler Sun will clip your spine with spondylitis. Another advantage of exercising is it will keep your heart healthy. Increasing your physical activity is a great way to keep your heart beating.

Similar precautions could be taken with eyesight. Since you know you are prone to eyesight problems, you should get your eyes checked regularly and wear spectacles or contacts according to your comfort and compatibility. Take precautions with your health and lead a healthy and happy life forever.

Career Options for Numerology Number 1

Numerology Number 1 Sun imparts leadership qualities. Also, you are intelligent, hardworking, influential, and loyal. You want to lead from the front and you know you are capable of leading a team to success. While you can choose any career but you feel more satisfied as an entrepreneur. The kind of freedom you need is available only in entrepreneurship. Also, you can easily achieve success in a business. Other sectors where you can do well are the military, law, politics, and astrology. But you need to keep your strengths and weaknesses in mind while choosing a career.

Numerology Number 1 Love Life

You believe in love and could go for a love marriage according to Numerology Number 1 love life. People with Numerology numbers 4 and 8 could be attracted to you. And you will be delighted to know that such a combination would be a pleasant and successful marriage. Numerology Number 1 marriage compatibility is high with numbers 4 and 8. But you need to pay attention to your stubborn attitude as it could create unnecessary obstacles in your married life. Your self-centered nature and preoccupation with your profession might not be good for your married life.

Summary: People born with the Number 1 are generally ambitious but they are a little over-confident. They are hard-working but their stubborn attitude could spoil all the hard work.

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