Numerology Number 5 Characteristics and General

Let’s discuss the traits of Number 5

Numerology Number 5 is ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of intellect, communication, transportation, and memory. Those born on the 5th, 14th, and 23rd of any month are influenced by Mercury. The planet blesses them with all its might but no one is perfect in this world. They are social animals and enjoy bouts of success but the success makes them prone to unnecessary self-indulgence and addictions. They are very sensual persons but hate to be taken for granted. Also, they hate limitations. They love freedom and are ready to do anything to remain free-spirited.

Numerology Number 5 makes people spontaneous. They perform well in unplanned situations. They have an adrenaline rush that pushes them to accept blind challenges coming their way. You are constantly on the move but you aren’t travelers. They visit new places and explore new opportunities but they are wanderers. They often take the road less taken and never mind detour out of curiosity of making new findings. But they are unpredictable but their biggest disability is a lack of discipline and shirking of responsibility.

Facts About Numerology Number 5

  1. This number is called the middle number or common number for other numbers because it stands right in the middle of numbers from 1-10.

  1. It is a lucky number as Mercury gives unimaginable benefits when the planet is strong. This number brings good fortune to all.

  1. In numerology, the number 5 holds a special place because of its unique position on the number chart. It is considered friendly to all other numbers.

4. Numerology Number 5 people can easily solve problems that can make others despair. It is for this reason, they are called saviors.

Numerology Number 5 Personality Traits

  1. Quick Learner

Powered by Mercury, Numerology Number 5 doesn’t let individuals sit down or settle for a long time. You will always be on the move visiting new places, exploring new things, developing new skills, and gaining experience. They are a quick learner because they take challenges. You often take the less-chosen path because Mercury keeps high-spirited about the challenges life can throw at you. Your enthusiasm is contagious and for this reason, it is fun to be around you.

  1. Social

Being social is the biggest highlight of Numerology Number 5 personality. You are easygoing, approachable, and happy-go-lucky. It is so because your philosophy of life is different from others. You believe that people are generally good and for this reason, you forgive easily. It is due to this philosophy that you make friends but others could take you lightly. They love socializing because it allows them to explore cultures and communities. You are always curious about meeting new people but you never forget your old friends.

  1. Acceptable

Numerology Number 5 personality makes you social and you are always surrounded by friends and associates. Your biggest strength is the open nature that allows you to accept views even the opposite views. You listen to others and accept their views without question. It isn’t that you don’t disagree with others but that you take negative views as a learning experience. You try to learn new things including disagreement. Since you forgive easily, you don’t have any grudges against anybody.

  1. Curious

Numerology Number 5 personality is always curious about life. You want to explore as much as you can. You visit places and often take detours only to explore new places, meet new people, and gain new experiences. It is your curiosity that doesn’t let you settle down in one place. You love wandering as it allows you to know the world more. If utilized in the right manner, this curiosity could become a great force for creating a business empire.

  1. Positive

A unique trait of Numerology Number 5 personality is rebounding quickly from any situation including the heaviest blow. It is your strength as it allows you to forget everything and forgive everyone to keep moving. You don’t want to settle scores because you hate limiting your freedom. You don’t want to become a milestone but cross more milestones in life. It is your positive nature that attracts people to you.

Things They Should Improve On

  1. Commitment

Numerology Number 5 people are less committed due to their spontaneous nature. And it is the biggest drawback of your personality. Since you forgive easily, you accept the same treatment from others. You want to keep moving without worrying about others, especially your family and close friends. You make commitments in the course of life but you take little care of those commitments. It is a drawback that can make you less reliable. When you commit, you should remember your words and fulfill the commitment.

  1. Company

Here the word ‘Company’ stands for friends. Numerology Number 5 Mercury people are lesser worried about their company because they take everything as a learning experience. You should be aware of the negative effects or experiences of being in the company of irresponsible people. They won’t teach you anything but could waste your time and distract you from your path. You often take the road less traveled but you should choose the path that leads to somewhere instead of taking you to a dead end.

  1. Addictions

Numerology Number 5 people often seek pleasure in addiction. They tend to develop bad habits earlier than others. They don’t see any harm in trying new things without giving a second thought to the aftereffects of those things. Quick success is enough for you to feel proud and brag about your confidence. Mercury is blessing you with all its might but how to use that power is up to you. Taking challenges is a good habit but challenging bad habits isn’t good for your health, wealth, and life.

  1. Discipline

Numerology Number 5 Mercury people are wanderers. They hate sitting in one place and having limitations. They are free-spirited individuals and want to live free of any compulsions. You should learn to live a disciplined life because all civilized humans are disciplined. You have tremendous energy but it is exhausting from exploring but learning nothing. It is only with discipline that you can learn new things and lead a better life. Without discipline, you will keep moving from one place to another like an aimless soul.

  1. Unfriend

Numerology Number 5 people are friends of all but you shouldn’t avoid situations or people from who you can learn the best lessons of your life. You want to keep moving but it doesn’t mean that you should run from situations or turn your back on people who need your help. You should show a brave face when facing unfriendly situations or helping your family and friends. It is necessary to develop the habit of solving problems, especially to gain mileage in career and professional life.

Physical Features And Health

Numerology Number 5 Mercury is ruled by Mercury which governs speech, sinuses, memory, and the nervous system. It shows that these people are prone to problems related to the parts governed by Mercury. They have excessive mental stress leading to nervousness. They could also have a cold and flu in the winter season. Number 5 people have insomnia and skin disorders. Also, they are prone to kidney problems.

But Numerology Number 5 people need to take care of their mental health which is the root cause of all problems. Taking proper rest is necessary to reduce depression and insomnia. Mental stress can cause memory loss that could lead to more problems in family and professional life. They need to be more careful during changing seasons so they don’t get infected by season flues.

Numerology Number 5 people should take more green vegetables, carrots, radishes, mint, and citrus fruits. They should drink enough water to improve kidney function. They are more likely to develop health problems in June, September, and December months.

Career Options For Numerology Number 5

These people struggle in predetermined scenarios. It is very difficult for them to adjust to a set framework as they love the freedom to move around, explore the world, and gain experience. They love challenges and give unpredictable reactions even in the most challenging situations. But they have good communication skills and they can prove their points. Considering these traits, it can be said that Numerology Number 5 Mercury people become great writers, celebrity agents, attorneys, salespersons, lecturers, and counselors.

Numerology Number 5 Love Life

They are charismatic people. Since they are social, they know how to communicate their feelings and emotions. Also, people easily get attracted to them. The only thing they need to learn is to lead a disciplined and stable life. They don’t care about others but they need to be caring for their partners. These people always look for a wealthy bride/groom. The Numerology Number 5 marriage compatibility is higher with numbers 1, 3, and 6. They are romantic people and stubborn as well to marry the person they love.

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