Numerology Number 6 Characteristics and General Qualities

Let’s discuss the traits of Number 6

Those born on the 6th, 15th, or 24th of any month are ruled by Numerology Number 6 and the planet Venus. They are blessed with all the love and affection life has to offer. And for this reason, the number 6 is called a naturally lucky number. They live in the present and worry little about their past or the future. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that they don’t believe in past or future life. Since they are blessed with all luxuries of life, they even don’t believe in karma.

Numerology Number 6 is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. It is also called the Goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure. This planet is about value. It governs your relationship with money and everything you find lavish. So, if Venus is your ruling planet, you are blessed because love is the essence of your life. You will be conferred with all materialistic gains and luxurious items. But if Venus is affected, it becomes a Karak planet for marriage.

Facts About Numerology Number 6

  1. Number 6 is considered a perfect union because all the six parts of a cube, hexagon, and hexagram are perfectly equal.

  1. Venus is a feminine planet and for this reason, the number 6 is considered the epitome of a feminine number.

  1. They are trustworthy, dependable, romanticist and hedonistic in their essence.

Numerology Number 6 Personality Traits

  1. Caring

Numerology Number 6 is a motherhood number because of Venus. They are blessed with big hearts that is caring not only for their family members but for others as well. They love being around their families and organizing things for them. Also, they love putting on shows for others so much that they don’t hesitate in doing extraordinary things like singing and acting. Another noticeable trait of their personality is their love for animals. They are kind-hearted people working for others, especially for specially-abled persons.

  1. Supportive

Venus makes Numerology Number 6 personality supportive. They are humanitarian to the core. Their empathetic nature makes their personality charismatic. People flock to them because they can feel the pain that others go through. Whenever they find someone in need, they stop by to provide whatever help they could. Since love is the essence of their life, they always try to win over others with love. They show empathy and compassion to others and their feelings towards others are always genuine.

  1. Luxury

Numerology Number 6 personality loves luxury. They love everything beautiful and if they have the means they would spend lavishly on all materialistic things that can make life easier. They want to live life to the fullest. All they need from life is money, comfort, and pleasant adventures. Luxury comes to them naturally because they are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and romance. They spend lavishly on materialistic things without giving a second thought to what they are spending on.

  1. Social

Numerology Number 6 people are social and friendly. But the most important thing is they are honest and upfront with their relationships and for this reason, they easily get hurt if they are cheated. They are compassionate towards others and they accept similar feelings from others. But sometimes they don’t get a similar response. Here it can be said that they make mistakes in recognizing friends. Also, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that they allow others to take advantage of them.

Things They Should Improve On

  1. Stop Being A Martyr

Numerology Number 6 people often become martyrs for others. They are helpful and compassionate to others but they forget the difference between becoming martyrs and helpful hands. While helping others is a good habit but you should know that others could take advantage of your time and money. When you help someone, you should see what kind of help the person needed and how you could help that person. Your objective should be to help others instead of sacrificing your time and money.

  1. Flirting Nature

Life of Numerology Number 6 Venus is filled with love. Since they are blessed with love, they can’t stop flirting. Also, the opposite sex gets attracted to them. While love is a deep feeling, flirting is simply a time-pass activity. There is nothing serious in flirting. Or it will be better to say that they aren’t serious about love while flirting with the opposite sex. Flirting with nature could spoil their image of a savior. They will become untrustworthy and undependable. They should avoid flirting to save their image.

  1. Lavish Life

Numerology Number 6 people love living a lavish life but buying luxuries requires money but money is earned with hard work. Also, money always comes in a limited amount. Since they need all the materialistic things of life, they don’t hesitate in borrowing money from banks and moneylenders. Since they are a little bothered about the past or future, they don’t pay a second thought to borrow money. It is for this reason that many number 6 people find themselves in debt traps later in their life.

  1. Emotions Fool

Numerology Number 6 people are too emotional to live a normal life. They think from the heart and not from the mind. When it comes to relationships, they want to show honesty despite knowing that others are taking advantage of them. They know they are being cheated but their emotions prevent them from distancing themselves from others. They should think practically and take decisions on facts and not on emotions. While controlling emotions won’t be an easy job, they can practice controlling emotions with practice.

Physical Features And Health

Numerology Number 6 people have a strong influence on Venus. They are of average height and have plump bodies. Their face shape is either oval or round but they look quite attractive. Their personality is so attractive that they easily attract the opposite sex. They have bright eyes and sweet voices that make their personality more pleasing. But if Venus is afflicted, they lose all their charm. Overall, they are attractive, kind-hearted, and friendly people. But they need to be careful about their health.

Venus rules over the eyes, cheeks, chin, throat, kidneys, and generative system. And these body parts are most likely to be affected when Venus is afflicted. When Venus is in a good position, the planet keeps Numerology Number 6 people healthy. But when the planet is afflicted, it causes different problems.

Numerology Number 6 Venus people are prone to problems related to ENT disorders, bladder and cystitis, thyroid gland, and gynecological problems. They could also face problems related to kidneys and speech. And these problems are an outcome of a lavish life. They spend lavishly on eating and drinking. Also, they become overactive to enjoy all luxuries of life. Lavish life has many health hazards because it puts tremendous pressure on the body and mind.

Numerology Number 6 people should lead a balanced life. While some luxuries could be necessary for life but making life a slave of luxuries isn’t advisable. People ruled by Venus should give a second thought to everything they do so they can see the pros and cons of the things they do. They should know that health is the biggest wealth.

Career Options For Numerology Number 6

Venus ruled people are always winners because they are blessed with all luxuries of life. Money flows to them naturally and it shows that whatever they do, they will be able to make a striking career in their chosen field. While they can do well in any field, there are certain fields where they can excel despite facing tough competition.

Numerology Number 6 personality is charming. They look attractive. Also, they have a soft corner for everyone. All these characteristics make them suitable for the job of the front office, customer care, PR executives, and receptionists. Learned persons can become counselors and therapists. Since people are attracted to them, they can do a better job as therapists. They can also become teachers, nurses, and doctors.

Numerology Number 6 people can do well in their careers if they take control of their life. They should avoid flirting, especially at work. Also, they should control their habit of mediating in everyone’s affairs. Friday is their lucky day as it rules Venus. They should start good work on Friday.

Numerology Number 6 Love Life

Venus is the Goddess of love hence number 6 people are blessed with love. They are romantic by heart and they always think about love and affection. They become delightfully romantic partners with magnetic personalities. Also, they give unconditional love and support to their partners. They are homemakers and love a clean and uncluttered interior.

Numerology Number 6 marriage compatibility is good with numbers 3, 6, and 9. They are peacemakers who know how to control an unfriendly situation before it takes a nasty turn. Also, they make wonderful parents who are always there for their children. But if Venus is afflicted, their married life could be spoiled completely.

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