I like the sounds of doubt from outside my head because they cause my self-belief to expand. They provide me with ammunition to prove doubters wrong. Naysayers drive me to win because I like for them to know the real, capable me.

Believing in myself is the first and most important step in counteracting the doubt that comes from naysayers.

My professional associates often believe that their approach to achieving success is the only way. I respectfully acknowledge their perspective and move along.

I believe that there is more than one way to reach to an end goal. Some approaches are easier or more popular, but others are more suitable for me. I commit to paying attention to how my own mind works. Each person’s experience is different from the next.

Some of my friends express concern about my choice to work in a field that pays me less. But I am committed to staying true to what makes me happy.

I know that doing passion work eventually pays off because I am naturally motivated to give it my all. My decision to do something unconventional gives me confidence to go after it and do it well.

I am inspired by some of this world’s greatest inventors. Being committed to creating something that is unfamiliar to others is a show of courage and self-belief.

Today, those who doubt my choices receive very little regard from me. I surround myself with supportive and creative people.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How much impact does the perspective of a doubter have on the approach I take?
  2. What value comes from keeping a naysayer in my life?
  3. How important is it for me to prove others wrong?

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