Stress Management Activities by Sweta Sureka

Though it’s a concept practically unheard of until the turn of the decade, stress has lately gained light as one of the most disease-causing aspects of the human body. It is contradicting in a sense since stress is a nervous system response aimed to prime the body for survival.

How does stress take place? In any event, when there is a physical or psychological stimulus, stress takes place. That is because stress is actually an automated mechanism of the nervous system to prime the body for survival. This same natural mechanism we had is the same natural mechanism or aboriginal forefathers have when they were out to hunt or out to protect their welfare. What it does, this “Fight or Flight” response of the sympathetic nervous system, is prime our bodies for action: releasing chemicals to facilitate burning more energy on the muscles, quickening the pace of the heart and lungs, inhibiting several functions of the body like the digestive function, and inhibiting blood flow on some areas of the body.

The problem about this lies in its usage. In a modern society such as where we live in, primalistic tendencies like this don’t have much use often. Of course, running on a track, doing gym boxing, and such nervous system activity becomes important. But this “Fight or Flight” response also triggers psychological stimulus, and when repeatedly stimulated, this response can inhibit several essential body functions. Thus the body grows weaker.

Stress management activities have been formulated to dispense these energies harmlessly out of the body system. And because stress comes on myriad forms, stress management activities also become broader. Here are some stress management activities you can engage on:

Tai Chi, Stretching

Relaxation techniques can quell almost any strong emotions. For that Tai Chi becomes one of the most effective stress management activities. After a heated situation, a minute done in meditation can almost erase all hard feelings, quelling the anger and allowing critical thinking to take place. Stretching is a good implementation on any hectic workday. A 15-minute break doing trunk rotation, stretching, or bending exercises can unlimber tired muscles and joints.

Sing-a-long-a better stress management activities

Sing-a-long is animated stress management that becomes a favorable therapeutic activity because it is fun to do, it is a social activity, and it is as effective in taking anyone’s mind away from work.

Gym Exerting effort in the gym can channel unused energies out of the body system. Some 30 minutes of strenuous activity is more than enough to allow blood to the course over your entire system.

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