Published: November 6, 2020

How to Chose Your Motivation book??

If you’re looking for a motivation book, the bookstores are full of them.  If you’ve realized that one of the things holding you back from achieving all that you could achieve is the lack of motivation, then the wide array of books available on the subject could be a great procrastination excuse for not actually finding out how to increase your motivation, and that’s the last thing you need! 

Having identified that you could accomplish much more with your life if you were better motivated, and then finding the right motivation book for you is vital.  This means that you need to know something about the kind of writing style that appeals to you.  For example, would you prefer to have a book that will explain to you theoretical ideas about why you find yourself unmotivated to achieve your dreams?  Or do you prefer a book that speaks to you in a conversational style and is more practical in its approach?  Perhaps you would learn to change your life dynamic with a motivation book that has more of a workbook approach and sets out assignments for you to complete. 

Often, learning from a book means not just reading one book but a number of them.  This isn’t just because you pick up the wrong book initially, although if you didn’t think about your learning process beforehand that could be part of it, but more that it helps to have a number of different “voices” walking you through this change you want to make.  Becoming motivated after years of apathy is a big step to take and so reading how other people did it, and what they have achieved since, is a great motivator in itself, and so reading a motivation book by someone who’s not telling you how to do it, but rather how they did it and what they’ve accomplished since is a great addition to your motivation book library.  Another thing to consider is whether or not you will learn more by reading the motivation book or by listening to an audio version of the same book – some people are more inclined to take in more if they listen rather than read.

To choose your motivation book wish list, visit an online store such as Amazon, and do a search for “motivation” in their books section.  Take a look at the titles.  Do any of them seem to grab your attention more than others?  Once you’ve selected a few that look as though they could be interesting, read the reviews from other people who have purchased the books.  Do they feel it was a good motivation book?  Did they find it useful?  Does their review imply that a different book might have given them a more positive approach?  Do they actually recommend any other books instead – in which case take a look at these books also?   If it’s possible to inspect any of the pages of the book, do so because this will give you some idea of the writing style of the motivation book writer.  The one thing that you need to keep in mind when you buy a motivation book or two is that you are trying to ignite change in how you live your life.  You are not buying it to stock your bookshelves, or to read dispassionately as if it were a news item about an upcoming sale in a store that’s not in your town!  You are going to read this book so that something in you clicks and you see how you can make positive changes to how you think and act so that you become more motivated towards achieving your dreams, so choose the one (or more) that speak to you and move you towards the life you want to lead.

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