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Stress Management Activities

Though it’s a concept practically unheard of until the turn of the decade, stress has lately gained light as one of the most disease-causing aspects of the human body. It is contradicting in a sense since stress is a nervous system response aimed to prime the body for survival. How does stress take place? In […]

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How to Chose Your Motivation book??

If you’re looking for a motivation book, the bookstores are full of them.  If you’ve realized that one of the things holding you back from achieving all that you could achieve is the lack of motivation, then the wide array of books available on the subject could be a great procrastination excuse for not actually […]

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Parenting Styles: What are They and What is Yours?

Whether they are eight or eighteen, they hold a piece of your heart. Being a parent, whether it’s your toddler or teenager, you hold the responsibility of cultivating a nourishing relationship between them and you. This relationship is significantly defined by your parenting style. How you interact with your child in everyday life shapes both […]

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Identifying and Eliminating Stress At The Source

Often it’s not good enough to just address the symptoms of stressful situations. Yes learning stress management techniques can really help relieve stress temporarily, but if you want to permanently live with less stress, more productivity and more happiness, you’ll need to identify and eliminate stress at the source. What’s Causing Stress in Your Life? […]

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Positive Parenting: Why it Matters Now More than Ever?

Positive Parenting: Why it Matters Now More than Ever? 2020 is gone, and most people will thank heaven for that. Perhaps you did too. But wait for a moment before you bid farewell to everything associated with this gruesome year! Even though it could have been difficult to notice, the year has taught us something […]

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Stress Management in Business

In the light of today’s advancement, businesses became more competitive, working hours get longer and the work more tiring. And when the businessmen divide work hours with travel time and other essential duties, their time for leisure and rest becomes compromised.  This is the modern world, and this is the most common kind of stressful […]

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I cope with stress

I am strong and resilient. I maintain a cheerful attitude and rely on my inner capabilities. I can handle anything that comes my way. I relax my body and mind. I slow down and scan my body for signs of tension. I massage my neck and stretch my limbs. I replace fearful and angry thoughts […]

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Having Problems With Staying Motivated

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with motivation. We need to get motivated all the time but we always find it hard to get out of our comfort zones and get ourselves working. We like to feel motivated but we hate the process of prodding ourselves into doing what we are supposed to be […]

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Naysayers Fuel Me To win

I like the sounds of doubt from outside my head because they cause my self-belief to expand. They provide me with ammunition to prove doubters wrong. Naysayers drive me to win because I like for them to know the real, capable me. Believing in myself is the first and most important step in counteracting the […]

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Teenage Stress Management

Stress can affect anyone from children to adults. In between these age-gaps is adolescents or teenagers. The cause of teenage stress is different from adult stress but the symptoms remain the same. Due to the difference between teen stress from adult stress, a different approach in tackling their stress is important. The total population consists […]

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